Carpet Cleaning Services for Black Diamond Residential and Commercial Carpets


At Guaranteed Cleaning, we’re well-known and for providing quality carpet cleaning services in the Black Diamond, WA area since 1979. Our expert carpet cleaners use advanced techniques and tools to leave your carpets looking just like new. We provide:

  • Residential and commercial carpet cleaning
  • Truck-mounted carpet cleaning
  • Air duct carpet cleaning
  • Certified carpet cleaning

When you choose us, you’ll get an immediate and reliable service that you can count on to make sure your carpets are cleaned to the highest standards.

Experienced Carpet Cleaners for Odor, Stain & Spot Removal in Black Diamond

Carpet cleaning is can often be essential, especially when unpleasant odors settle into your carpet. This is the time to look for professional, trusted carpet cleaners who can provide you with a quality service in the Black Diamond area. Difficult stains and odors often don’t respond to domestic cleaning products, but our expert carpet cleaners can use a steam cleaner to leave your Black Diamond home or office carpets clean and pristine.

We’re proud of our reputation as reliable carpet cleaners in Black Diamond. We have an advanced steam cleaner system so that we can provide perfect carpet cleaning services. Our team in the Black Diamond area includes:

  • Experienced carpet cleaners
  • Highly-skilled carpet cleaners
  • Well-equipped professionals with a steam cleaner
  • Knowledgeable carpet cleaners
  • Courteous, friendly experts

If you’re in the Black Diamond area, choose us as your carpet cleaners to get a high-quality and reliable carpet cleaning service.

Steam Cleaner Truck-Mounted System for Deep Cleaning Black Diamond Carpets


Using common spot cleaners for carpet cleaning can make it difficult to remove annoying spots and stains from your carpets. Our steam cleaner is one of the most effective methods of complete carpet cleaning available in Black Diamond. You can count on our highly-skilled professional carpet cleaners in the Black Diamond area to look after your carpets.

Our carpet cleaners use a truck-mounted steam cleaner which has many benefits:

  • A steam cleaner clears carpet stains that other methods may miss
  • More effective removal of carpet odors using our steam cleaner
  • Our steam cleaner service also eliminates dust mites
  • A steam cleaner offers better carpet cleaning
  • Using our steam cleaner will prolong the life of your carpets

If you’re looking for expert carpet cleaners in the Black Diamond area, call Guaranteed Cleaning at 253-631-5448 now and take advantage of our quality steam cleaner service for that new carpet look.