Carpet Cleaning Services for South King County Residential and Commercial Carpets


Guaranteed Cleaning Service, Inc. is known for offering quality carpet cleaning in South King County, WA since 1979. Our South King County expert carpet cleaners use advanced techniques, such as a steam cleaner, to proffer proficient carpet cleaning.

Many South King County residents struggle with the hassle of carpet cleaning. As odor and stains set deep into your carpets,mere surface carpet cleaning is not enough to have clean carpets. This is when you need the help of experienced carpet cleaners as they are capable of providing precise carpet cleaning service in South King County.

Being trusted carpet cleaners in South King County, we are committed to delivering premium carpet cleaning service. Whether you need the service for your home or workplace, we are equipped with a steam cleaner to provide effective carpet cleaning to remove:

  • Juice stains
  • Blood stains
  • Odors
  • Pet stains
  • Debris and dirt

Experienced Carpet Cleaners for Odor, Stain & Spot Removal in South King County


The success of carpet cleaning depends on the carpet cleaners you choose. What you can expect from professional carpet cleaners is hard to receive from ordinary carpet cleaners. Thus, when you realize the need for carpet cleaning in South King County, seek experienced carpet cleaners.

Providing carpet cleaning service for a long time, we have become trusted carpet cleaners in South King County. Our carpet cleaners are capable of removing stubborn stains and odors from your carpet. Besides, our South King County carpet cleaners use a truck mounted steam cleaner to ensure effective carpet cleaning. You can expect our carpet cleaners to be:

  • Reliable
  • Dedicated
  • Well-equipped
  • Professional
  • Well-qualified

Steam Cleaner Truck-Mounted System for Deep Cleaning South King County Carpets


South King County residents would agree that a steam cleaner is necessary for deep carpet cleaning as a steam cleaner is capable of removing deep down dust. Besides, a:

  • Steam cleaner removes debris build-up
  • Steam cleaner cleans carpet without damaging it
  • Steam cleaner easily removes stubborn stains
  • Steam cleaner minimizes the need for chemicals for cleaning the carpet
  • Steam cleaner removes pollutants

To provide successful service in South King County, we use a truck mounted steam cleaner system. South King County residents can rely on our steam cleaner service as it is affordable and effective.

To choose Guaranteed Cleaning Service, Inc. as your carpet cleaners in South King County, call at 253-631-5448.