Water Damage Dash Point


When water invades your home, every hour and every minute counts! There is no time to waste in getting the water damage restoration work started. Delay in removing the water and drying the area can aggravate the damage that could include:

  • Structural weakening of the property
  • Health issues due to mold buildup
  • Safety hazards from compromised electrical system
  • Ruined wood floor, carpet, furniture, doors, clothing, and appliances

At Guaranteed Cleaning, we appreciate the need for urgency starting the cleanup, repair, and restoration in water-damaged homes. We are available 24/7 for emergency water damage restoration services in the Dash Point, WA area.

Our company has its technicians and service vans ready at all times to respond to every call with quick scheduling of water damage restoration job.

We do all that can be done to contain the loss suffered by our customer due to the unforeseen catastrophe.

Water Damage Restoration Dash Point


Salvage and repair operations in a water-damaged house can be extremely tricky and strenuous. While taking a DIY approach to the job is out of the question, you cannot hire just any water damage restoration company around Dash Point you come across.

The level of knowledge, the degree of expertise, length of experience, and amount of resources the company and technicians hired for the restoration work has a major impact on how much the water or flood damage occurs.

Call us for water damage restoration when it happens in your Dash Point home if you do not want extremely professional services. We minimize the devastation caused in your home from water invasion by:

  • Putting highly skilled technicians on the job
  • Using advanced water damage restoration equipment
  • Giving attention to detail and not cutting corners

Dash Point Carpet Restoration


The extensive work done by us for returning a water-damaged home to its original condition includes carpet restoration. Restoring water-logged carpeting is quite different from cleaning dirty and stained carpets.

It is important to bring in seasoned carpet restoration specialists like us to protect the floor covering from deteriorating. Our technicians understand the challenges in carpet restoration.

They are well-versed with the best techniques for recovering the lost beauty, functionality, and longevity of sodden carpets.

Our carpet restoration services for Dash Point homes are:

  • Fast
  • Diligent
  • Detailed and well-organized
  • Professional

Contact Guaranteed Cleaning for water and flood damage repair services, including carpet restoration. Dash Point area homeowners can reach us at (253) 631-5448.