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We are the wood floor cleaning experts. We are Guaranteed Cleaning and we have provided both residential and commercial wood floor cleaning since 1979. If your home has a dusty old carpet overlaid over a traditional hardwood floor then we can help you bring the dull and grimy surface to a gleaming and gorgeous restored hardwood floor in just a few simple steps.

Soap, Water, Polish & Wax your Hardwood Floors Today

The first thing we do is find out how your own hardwood floor is sealed or perhaps if at all. The finish on your home or business wood floors not the wood type is what truly determines each step we take to clean and care for your wood floors.

  • Surface Sealed Wood Floors
  • Penetrating Seal Treated Wood Floors
  • Oil Treated Wood Floors
  • Lacquered
  • Varnished
  • Shellacked
  • Untreated Wood Flooring

If you are not sure what kind of finish your wood surface has been treated then there is no need to worry.  With over 30 years of wood floor cleaning experience we can tell the difference in just a few moments and clean a existing wood floor to perfection or restore an old hardwood floor back to its almost new condition.

Wood Floor Waxing Experts

We are the local experts at waxing the interior wood floors in your home or business.

  • Entry Way Wood Flooring
  • Kitchens
  • Dining Rooms
  • Offices
  • Church Wood Floors

We Provide Routine Wood Floor Cleaning Services

We know first hand just how much our customers enjoy a nice shinny wood floor. Enjoy the luxury of having someone professionally clean your wood floors and maintain that original wood floor shine. Treat your floors to traditional cleanings and your entire home will be in better condition for doing so.

Call today and save on wood floor waxing and cleaning today!

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